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17 Dec

Top 10 Vegan Tote bags For a Sustainable Wardrobe

A tote bag is one of the most flexible products you can buy and showcase for any occasion! Finding a bag that fits all of your belongings might be difficult if you often travel or move around. Thes...

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09 Dec

Luxury & Designer Handbags You Can Put on This Christmas

Many of us are updating our wardrobes to match our new post-lockdown habits, away from the realm of lounge wear, now that we have a few months of relative normalcy behind us. You could be seeking t...

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26 Nov

Top 10 designer handbags for women

We see many fads come and go on handbags in terms of fashion. There is a lot of experimentation with glitter, leather, and accessories in the current world of bags. However, simple and designer bag...

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19 Nov

Express Gratitude Sustainably this Thanksgiving with Vegan Bags

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and we are all excited for it. And the best thing is that we have multiple Thanksgiving gifts and savory meal options. Along with that, we also have the opportuni...

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18 Nov

Benefits of using a vegan leather handbag

What are the similarities and differences between New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and Lakme Fashion Week? In recent years, they've all featured vegan fashion lines in their displays. Nob...

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03 Nov

What is Vegan leather and its benefits

Sustainability, as well as the proper care of all animals, is a hot topic. Vegan leather provides materials that meet these requirements while still being durable and attractive.  Vegan leather is ...

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