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Vegan Bags For Men

Vegan Bags for Men

A movement that has gained huge momentum in recent years, veganism is not merely a diet; it is a lifestyle that seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals. Thus, vegans deliberately avoid animal products in all areas of their life, from food to fashion. Yep, even accessories such as bags and shoes must be free of animal-derived materials too.

What Are Vegan Bags?

Bags are more than just accessories that complement an outfit. After all, how else would you tote around all the stuff you use every day, such as your phone and laptop? For vegans, carrying a vegan bag is the way to go as it aligns with their values. Unlike their leather counterparts, vegan bags are not made from animal skins, but they're just as good or even better.

Since leather accessories have reigned the fashion world for the longest time, you might think that the search for a quality vegan bag is futile. Not quite. These days, conscious consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to cruelty free products. Whether you're looking for a casual everyday style, a design that screams luxury, or something more specific (e.g., vegan Canadian purses), it's now easier than ever to shop for vegan handbags. In fact, you might have a hard time deciding which one to buy, because they're all so perfect! Plus, wide price ranges across various brands mean that there's something for every budget.

Why Get a Leather Free Bag?

Here are some compelling reasons why anyone, vegan or not, should shop for bags that are free of animal materials:

  • More than a billion animals, from cows and sheep to alligators and ostriches, are slaughtered for their skins every year.
  • Toxic chemicals such as coal-tar derivatives, formaldehyde, mineral salts, and cyanide-based substances are used in the leather manufacturing process.
  • All those dangerous chemicals affect the people who work in leather tanneries too; increased risks for different types of cancer have been reported among workers.

In other words, the production of leather comes at a high price for animals, people, and the planet. But consumers can stop contributing to this by voting with their dollars and choosing vegan leather handbags whenever they shop.

What Are Vegan Bags Made Of?

Before you begin your search for a new animal free bag, here's a look at some of the vegan materials that are used to make leather free accessories. You're probably aware of polyurethane as a common vegan alternative to traditional leather, but you may not have heard of these innovative materials yet:

  • Zoa. A bio fabricated material created by New Jersey-based Modern Meadow, Zoa is made with a bio engineered form of yeast. One of the steps in the production process is similar to brewing beer.
  • Teak leaves. Durable and water-resistant, teak leaf leather is made from sustainably harvested leaves that are mended with fabric. The result is a new layered material that is not only cruelty free but also unique.
  • Prickly pears. Invented by two Mexican entrepreneurs, nopal cactus leather is easy to clean and can last for 10 years. These properties make this new animal free material suitable for fashion, furniture, and automotive applications.
  • Piñatex. Made from pineapple leaves, Piñatex has been used to make luxury purses and shoes. Since the leaves are a byproduct of harvesting the fruit, farmers get an additional source of income.
  • MulbTex. MulbTex is another new vegan material, created from the paper pulp of mulberry tree leaves. New York-based fashion brand GUNAS currently holds exclusive rights to MulbTex in the US and has a collection of vegan handbags created with this material.
  • Apples. Apple leather comes from waste from the juicing industry. This biodegradable, animal free material is made by drying and grinding discarded apple skins and cores.

Vegan Bags for the Discerning Gentleman

There's no shortage of designer vegan bags for women, with brands like Angela Roi and Alexandra K offering a variety of styles at different price points. Male consumers have nothing to worry about, though. Several labels have created bags vegan men will love, ensuring that guys don't have to sacrifice style or luxury for ethics, either.

Among these is independent high fashion brand GUNAS New York, which has been offering animal free accessories for both men and women since 2009. The price range for men's leather free bags is $149-$248--pretty reasonable since the products are of high quality. And don't fret if you're currently on a budget, as you have the option to pay in interest free installments.

So, discerning gentlemen, look no further as the search is already done for you. Here are three mens vegan leather bags that ooze style and luxury, so much so that even your female friends and family members will want to carry them!

  1. Tom. The Tom sling bag is the perfect companion for the man who's always on the go. Made with luxury vegan leather MulbTex and plastic free fabric, it features an adjustable strap and multiple pockets so you can tote your tablet and other essentials around with ease and style. The Tom crossbody bag comes in black with a blue or gray accent. Price: $149.
  2. Jared. Looking for an inconspicuous vegan laptop bag? Meet the Jared square backpack. This sweatshop free bag is loaded with compartments that can hold all your stuff, from your large phone to your 15" laptop. It also comes with a removable shoulder strap, so you can change up how you carry it. The Jared backpack is available in black with a gray or blue accent. Price: $225.
  3. Moby. Named after the vegan singer-songwriter, the Moby is a classic style satchel that emanates luxury and professionalism at the same time. Lightweight and with several pockets, this unisex handbag lets you tote your belongings around without any problem. The Moby bag is available in charcoal black and chocolate brown. Price: $248.
  4. Bonus item: Woody. If you're search of leather free vegan wallets, then look no further than the Woody. Don't let its slim silhouette fool you; it can hold up to eight cards. Made with plastic free vegan leather, the Woody men's wallet comes in black with a blue, brown, or gray accent. Price: $98.

Tip: While you're on the GUNAS website, you can also shop for women's vegan shoes and cruelty free tote bags for your wife or mom. She'll love it! Price range for shoes: $59-$149. Price range for purses: $95-$295.

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