Express Gratitude Sustainably this Thanksgiving with Vegan Bags

Express Gratitude Sustainably this Thanksgiving with Vegan Bags

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and we are all excited for it. And the best thing is that we have multiple Thanksgiving gifts and savory meal options. Along with that, we also have the opportunity to spread a message of sustainability by gifting vegan bags to our loved ones. It can be a unique way to express our gratitude towards mother nature.    

Gratitude is a feeling that should not be expressed on a single day out of the 365 days in the year. It is something we should feel every moment and at every step of the way. But only to celebrate this feeling of thankfulness towards all the people and things that exist in our life and make it beautiful, thanksgiving is celebrated. It started as a normal tradition, but now, it is more than just that. It is a celebration that brings friends and families together. It is also about exchanging some amazing thanksgiving gifts with our loved ones.   

Lately, veganism has gained more popularity than ever before. Even the most prominent fashion brands are now shifting towards manufacturing what GUNAS is known for, i.e., vegan handbags. There has always been a noteworthy place for innocent animals here, which has made our company stand out. This Thanksgiving, you can join hands with GUNAS, gift the best vegan tote bags to your loved ones, and contribute to protecting animals against cruelty. 


Why vegan this year?

Thanksgiving is celebrated lavishly all around the world on the last Thursday of November every year. It is a day of being thankful, followed by lots of food, an exchange of gifts full of plastic and leather, and a lot of waste too. But this year, it has to be remarkable. We all have seen so much positivity and negativity alike. But what we have ignored is sustainability and our responsibility towards nature and the environment. But you need not worry; we have got your back.   

GUNAS has a wide range of vegan thanksgiving gift ideas that won’t let you down. Along with being animal and nature-friendly, we also have a range of the most beautiful looking accessories for your vegan leather bag. The Lustre is long-lasting, and there is no way you can ever let these gorgeous handbags go. So, before it is Thanksgiving already, let us look at some eye-catching vegan handbags as your thanksgiving gifts for employees, friends, family, and everyone else.   

  • The lovely totes 

The grandeur of a vegan tote is explicit, luxurious and guilt-free. Every woman needs a reliable tote bag with space that can fit in anything and everything. GUNAS has endless choices for you to pick from. Starting from the evergreen lavender tote to the edgy Tippi red vegan tote, you can select the one for your beloved and make their thanksgiving worth a memory.  

  • The exotic crossbody 

A lady already has so many responsibilities on her shoulders, and it is absolutely not suitable to add to the weight. So, a vegan crossbody bag accounts for the perfect thanksgiving gift for her. Bags from GUNAS give the most comfortable straps that do not hurt her shoulders. So, if you are eyeing a not so dramatic eco-friendly thanksgiving gift for your friends, you are at the right place.  

  • The awe-striking satchels

The ideal purpose of this bag is to create a striking look for your lady, along with offering a safe space to keep her belongings. If you have plans to gift her something that is neither too big nor too compact, the vegan leather satchels bags are the best thanksgiving gift ideas for you.   

  • The multipurpose backpacks

Backpacks for Thanksgiving! Does it sound strange to you? Well, if it does, it won’t now, when you see the fantastic collection at GUNAS. These backpacks are perfect for any occasion, event, workplace, and even college. They are not your basic bags with a simple structure. People can easily differentiate between what’s regular and what is the one that you gifted.   

  • The luxurious wallets


A wallet for women is like a treasure. You seldomly see a woman only with a wallet. There has to be a handbag, and from inside comes out the cute little pocket-friendly wallet. And this also counts as one of the unique thanksgiving gifts for friends or your mom. So, if you know that they do not want something as big as a handbag, you can switch to an elegant vegan leather wallet.   

  • The statement clutches

Clutches are a must-have for every woman on the planet. And no number of vegan clutches are enough for any lady. These are sort of wallets that can be considered as sling bags too. These are anyway multi-utility. If you have to go to a party with only essential items, these clutches are the best. So, if you are a woman and you have read till here, do not wait for anyone to gift it to you. Just shower yourself with these clutches this Thanksgiving.   

  • The workaholic laptop bags

We know you thought about the old-fashioned bag for laptops when you read it. But it is high time you change that image and put up a new one in your head. The vegan laptop bags from GUNAS will be the most appreciated thanksgiving gifts, and you can bet. For every workaholic multi-tasker diva, there is a suitable vegan leather bag in our collection. So, there you go with the perfect gift!


Impact of vegan bags

Veganism has been on the rise for the past decade. There are no two ways of saying that people are becoming much more aware of their surroundings. The first one is animals and the planet. There have been mediocre thinking amongst humans of them being superior to any other creature on the earth. But this has changed a lot.   

We can notice that whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year, people are using sustainable methods of celebration in terms of both food and fashion. Seeing all these positive changes amongst consumers, GUNAS is more than happy to be a bringer of the change. The thought of safeguarding animals with the support of all the buyers is way beyond explanation.  

Vegan bags as your thanksgiving gifts for employees are one of the best things that you do on your part. Along with giving your friends and employees a great accessory that will stick with their life long, you are spreading a positive message to protect animal and natural interests. And Thanksgiving is not only about gratitude; you can always share a good learning deed.  


Summing up

Vegan food and vegan fashion are the new normal in the industry of today. We all know that there are multiple aspects where our earth is degrading. The only way to protect them is to take a step ahead and start thinking holistically. It is either now or never! So, before it gets too late, we need to start. And starting with small steps has caused harm to nobody.   

Just by buying vegan thanksgiving gifts for friends this year, you can be a part of the change. And the chain is never-ending. Today it is you. Tomorrow it will be your family. And here, one and one can become eleven. So, celebrating this Thanksgiving with some positivity towards nature and animals can bring a significant change in the way you perceive things.   

So, let’s start with today! 

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