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Clean Beauty

Pamper your delicate skin with our collection of organic vegan soaps. Made with 100% vegan ingredients, these soaps are gentle on the skin and provide effective cleansing with deep moisturization. Made with plant-based essential oils, these soaps do not have any animal-derived ingredients and are paraben-free and palm-oil free, making them safe for every skin type, including sensitive skin. Made to address dryness, this soap collection is a must-have if you want smooth, radiant, and supple skin. Our ‘clean beauty’ products are ethically made and are sweatshop-free. Not only for the skin, but these soaps are completely safe for the environment too as they do not have any animal by-product. Every soap bar from this collection is made for relaxing your skin with moisturizing and healing properties. Use them today and feel energized after every use.

How Vegan Soap Is Made?

Vegan soap is made using plant-based ingredients. No animal fat or byproducts are used in the making of our vegan soap bars. GUNAS vegan charcoal soap and vegan organic olive oil-based soaps are the best for your sensitive skin. Made using all-natural ingredients and 90% olive oil content GUNAS luxury vegan soaps are hand-poured by artisans in Greece. GUNAS is a handbag and vegan soap company based in New York City.

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