- Evanna Lynch, Actor, London UK

"Your bags are beautiful! I bought a gorgeous green bag from your collection a few years ago and wear it all the time, so I'm a big fan :) Absoloutely love your commitment to vegan fashion. Thank you for your work.

- Evanna Lynch, Actor, London UK

Love People . Love Animals . Love Planet®


Shop our cutest bow bag! As seen on Netflix - "A Series of Unfortunate Events" & "Sweet Magnolias"

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Gorgeous classic JANE satchel Make-up pouch included. For Style on the Go!

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Check out our chic round tote that fits your daily essentials and more!

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- Emily Deschanel, Actor, Hollywood

"I love my cruelty free bag from GUNAS! It is wonderful that I can wear something that expresses my style while also having the peace of mind that no animals were harmed making it!"

- Emily Deschanel, Actor, Hollywood



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- Taryn Manning, Actor, LA USA

"As a lover of humans, faith and especially animals thank you for not causing needless torture to any animal. I love that fact that GUNAS NEW YORK is animal friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, sweat shop-free, and all about sustainability. Also thank you for all your charity work and vegan activism. You're doing amazing things with your brand"

- Taryn Manning, Actor, LA USA

Women's Collection. The Best of Luxury Vegan Leather Bags

Laptop Bag, Belt Bag, Satchels, Crossbody & more!

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Men's Collection. Plant-based MULBTEX Vegan leather

Work bags, Wallets, Cross Body bags made from mulberry tree pulp!
Silicone based & Plastic free Luxury.

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  • Love People
    Love People

    Handmade & Sweatshop Free

  • Love Animals
    Love Animals

    Intentionally & Always Animal Free

  • Love Planet
    Love Planet

    Environmentally Conscious & Plant-Based

Laptop Bag + Backpack

Check out the JARED convertible bag.
Shoulder strap included.

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Customers in over 40 Countries

5 stars

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5 stars

Great gift for my husband!
My husband turned 40 last month and along with a surprise drive-by birthday celebration we had some birthday gifts for him that morning.

Gayatri T.11/20/2020
5 stars

I love this bag so much
I live in Berlin Germany and fortunately, we have a vegan shop here that sells these amazing bags. I received this bag as a birthday present...

Tamar Brosh09/29/2020
5 stars

LOVE this bag!!
The first indication of the exceptional quality of the bag was the sound it made when I opened it for the first time.


Indulge in Guilt-Free Fashion from Vegan Leather Brands

Why buy real leather goods when you can indulge in even more luxurious vegan leather products at much more affordable prices. Vegan and sustainable products are guilt-free. How? They do not come at the cost of a life or the environment making every consumer feel proud to choose them over leather goods. 

Vegan leather goods have become a fashion fad with the recent growing focus on sustainable products and endorsement from celebrities. On top of it, some best vegan brands have explored the endless and beautiful possibilities of eco-friendly materials like cork, wood, rubber, recycled plastic, and other materials to create designer fashion products. Vegan leather products are not only guilt-free but also look equally luxurious. What more reasons would you need to shift your fashion choices to vegan brands.

Why Buy from Vegan Luxury Brands?

There are many reasons why you should shop from vegan brands. 

  • You, as a consumer, too have the responsibility and more power to bring a change. In the end, it’s the consumer who needs to shift their buying habits to bring a change in the brand offerings.
  • Vegan brands offer equally or even more luxurious products than leather products. 
  • Vegan leather brands are less expensive than real leather brands. 
  • It is a matter of pride to own cruelty-free and sustainable products.
  • With every vegan product you buy, you become a part of the vegan movement that brands and designers initiated years ago. 

Vegan Leather Brands have Reinforced What was Started by a Few Fashion Designers and PETA.

What started as a movement to create awareness on the implications of procuring real leather turned into a revolution by the vegan luxury brands. Peta-approved vegan leather brands focus on creating vegan leather products with cork, wood, rubber, recycled plastic, and other sustainable materials. Some vegan bag brands also manufacture vegan products using cactus leaves, mushrooms, apple peels, pineapple leaves, and many other completely eco-friendly materials. Vegan brands along with vegan fashion designers and initiatives from PETA continue to explore eco-friendly and sustainable materials that can completely eradicate the use of animal leather for fashion. 

Arthee Vegan Lear Brands Really Vegan?

Now more than ever, considerate consumers are making responsible choices and opting for vegan fashion brands in a bid to save the animals, humans, and the environment. But is your vegan purchase really vegan? To make sure your vegan purchase is actually vegan and not real leather sold in the name of vegan leather, look for signs like ‘PETA-Approved Vegan’ and the ‘Cruelty-Free Bunny’ logo. Buying from renowned vegan brands is always an excellent option to make sure that you buy only real and high-quality vegan leather. 

Gunas as your PETA-Approved Vegan Leather Brand

Gunas was established in 2009 to raise awareness on animal abuse and environmental disasters of manufacturing real leather products. Our main aim has always been on exploring sustainable materials and ethical production of vegan leather bags, shoes, and clean beauty. 

Our products are free of any animal ingredient or animal-derived ingredients. We are the first and only vegan handbag brand in the US to hold exclusive rights to Mulbtex, a 100% eco-friendly material made with mulberry plant leaves. All our products are made ethically in a sweatshop-free environment. 

Gunas is a PETA-approved vegan leather brand manufacturing very high-quality vegan leather handbags, crossbody bags, tote bags, and many others. We have recently started manufacturing vegan leather shoes and vegan ‘clean beauty’ products. 

Our handbags are used in Netflix shows and often endorsed by celebrities promoting veganism. In an endeavor to raise awareness on animal welfare, we have also partnered with many animal welfare and rescue organizations. We believe our efforts will one day bring a change, and instead of animal leather, we will see every consumer shift to vegan leather goods.