How The Eco-Friendly Warrior Can Be Fashionable In 2022

How The Eco-Friendly Warrior Can Be Fashionable In 2022

There's no doubting; the last two years have been tough for everyone with lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. But did you notice how much cleaner the air became without the traffic? And how clear the skies were without the planes?


Then the fantastic stories of turtles returning to empty tourist beaches in Thailand. 

And flamingos being sighted in different regions worldwide for the first time in decades.


It seemed Earth and nature had time to heal.


There is no denying the lockdowns have been painful. But, they did provide an opportunity for reflection, a time to think about the critical, ethical things in life. 


Did you contemplate how eco-friendly sustainable principles could be carried forward now life slowly returns to some sort of normality?


Whether you are a modern eco-friendly warrior or simply want to contribute towards making this beautiful planet a better place for all living beings, with love and respect. Read on to discover how you can make a massive difference to fellow human beings and animals alike.


Travel and Fashion


Now that opportunities to travel are opening up again and people are returning to the office, the eco-friendly warrior will want to explore new horizons with a more sustainable approach. A way that protects nature and doesn't exploit ethnic cultures or prevents harming other living beings.


With a renewed ethical awareness, before stepping on the plane, train, or coach, the eco-warrior should consider their clothes and the cosmetics they use. And, just as importantly, the luggage they will pack these things in.


It doesn't have to be far away horizons. But, even the daily commute should have an ethical approach with the bag you use for your laptop and mobile.


Of course, you, an eco-warrior, will be completely conscious of this.


Leather looks good, often feels good, is durable, and will last for many years with some loving care. The problem is an animal was sacrificed in the name of fashion. And, just as disturbing, fellow human beings have been exposed to dangerous carcinogen chemicals during the tanning process.


In a nutshell, the whole manufacturing process of leather doesn't sit well with the eco-friendly warrior or anyone who loves animals and has ethical morals.


What are the Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Leather?


So what's the alternative - plastic?


Although plastic, nylon, PVC, and canvas production do not involve animal cruelty or sacrifice, we know that single-use plastic has a devasting impact on the environment.


Of course, if the bag you use to carry your laptop is made from plastic, it would not be single-use. But still, the question remains - is there a better way?


It is possible to travel stylishly with completely vegan alternatives to leather and plastic bags and backpacks.


Recycled Materials


Vegans and eco-warriors can find many alternative products made from recycled plastic bottles and nylon. Sustainable bamboo may also be used within these products.


Vegan is stylish, comfortable, and looks good, from clothes and underwear to traveling accessories and baggage. And of course, if you are an eco-warrior, you will be consciously aware of your choices and their impact upon nature, the environment, and respecting all living creatures.


Plastic and PVC Free


The New York-based vegan fashion brand Gunas has a plastic/PVC-free alternative to leather with their exclusive Mulb Tex. This natural Korean material is made from the mulberry plant leaf pulp and is waterproof, durable, and weathers like leather.


Although using recycled plastic is sustainable and does not harm animals during its processing, it is refreshing to know there is an entirely PVC-free alternative to leather.


Ethnical Manufacturers


With the eco-friendly principles in mind, it is all well and good buying sustainable fashion, but are you aware of how it was made? What are the ethical standards of the factory?


Nothing could be worse than buying a sustainable product that has been made in a "sweatshop" whereby next to slave labor has been used. Or children and ethnic people have been exploited.


Workers deserve fair compensation and working conditions in return for their productivity no matter where in the world they live.


A piece of fashion cannot be honestly labeled as eco-friendly if, during its manufacture, fellow human beings have been exploited and suffered.


The Answer


The three eco-friendly guiding principles for fashion are vegan materials, environmentally clean, and protected workers.


Gunas produce 100% vegan travel bags made by small artisan manufacturers. These manufacturers are paid a fair wage, and their decent working conditions are strictly maintained. 


There is no sweatshop exploitation here; these working principles should sit well with eco-friendly and conscious warriors.


You can enjoy quality fashion that has not resulted in harm to any animals, is made from sustainable materials, and protects workers from degrading working conditions.


Stylish vegan travel fashion doesn't have to be bland. It can be exciting, a conversation starter. It should be an investment into the future you believe in with all your underlying eco-friendly principles.


If lockdowns due to the pandemic made you think about what is important for the future, now is the time to consider making small but effective changes for the better.


You may feel that you alone cannot make a difference. Still, collectively as a growing tribe, we can, and we will ensure our planet remains beautiful, respecting and protecting everyone and every living being on it.


Shop vegan travel and commuting backpacks at Gunas.

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