How to look good in Vegan

How to look good in Vegan

Generation to generation the Fashion Industry is booming worldwide. The competition of all brands are intense that many of them would go extra miles to keep up with what’s trending, new and unique.

In fact, most brands don’t limit their markets. Any potential buyers can wear or use especially to items that are uniquely designed. Already, a lot of people we see in many places like in malls, shops, in streets even inside buses. They are everywhere. Looking good with their OOTD’s (outfit of the day) wearing with fashionable and branded items: jewelries, sunglasses, shoes, bags, suits, dresses etc.

 In short, Fashion become one’s daily-routine to look good. But the questions are do you know what you’re wearing? It might sound horrible, but are there animals used in making your bags, shoes, belts etc.?
If the last question might sound alarming and bugs you up. Then it might be time for you to know more than just to look good in Fashion. Why not look good in Vegan?

What is Vegan? Simple, it’s a person who practice Veganism.

What is Veganism? It’s a way of living, eradicating the practices of cruelty and exploitations to all forms of animals for food, clothing or any other purposes.

What does Veganism do in Fashion?
Big. Practicing veganism in fashion does big for all, no exemptions. Even to our future generations, it helps. Veganism’s way of living is an epitome for Sustainable Fashion, as the practices greatly benefits to the concept of sustaining our own needs of resources that does not compromise for the future generations to meet theirs.

How to style your perfect Vegan outfit

Casual look:

Vegan clothing. When we say casual outfit the first thing we want to feel with this wear is comfort.
The Klevan Tencel Vegan Silk Jumpsuit  from Immaculate Online Store has the best get up for light and cool wear for its’ drapy woven fabric and straight fit with wide legs.

Vegan Handbag. When were out casually we don’t want to look heavy, wear heavy or carry something heavy. The vegan handbag St. Tropez  available at GUNAS New York Online Shop. This roomy piece, boasts a clean open interior. The color and style looks fresh and gives a nature vibe for its rattan like exterior. Perfect to make your casual look extra.

Vegan Make Up. We wear different make up looks for different occasions. But with casual looks we would most likely go simple with our make ups. A soft glam makeup look would do the trick. The Everlasting Blush Honeysuckle – peachy beige shade  available at KVD Online Shop creates an intense bloom of natural color for a long last wear with soft matte finish. When partnered with an eccentric use of Tattoo Liner- Trooper Black, also available at the same shop, you can put up a simple eye wing shape you desire that accentuates your make up look. All 100% Vegan. Go natural with natural!

Vegan Sandals- sandals are one of the most ready to wear among all foot wears. It’s convenient and it’s super comfy where your toes can freely move in it. Check out the Ferri Nude from Avesu Vegan Shoes.
The feel of your feet walking in your home can be felt when you’re walking outside with this pair of strappy sandals. No doubt that this item is the final piece for your casual OOTD (outfit of the day!)


Dressy Formal look: 

Dress – Main thing we look for a Dressy outfit is the “Dress”itself, of course we would really want to look forward on how you give a blast of glam with a one-wear clothing. Iriomote Indoprint Vildnis Dress this red flowery wrap dress is composed of 100% recycled polyester (RPET). This is the type of dress that looks very stylish and one could reach in to their wardrobe easily. Look good and feel good.

Bag - Jane Tan Vegan Leather Satchel this bag looks very equipped and will bring a very fine poise with the dress.

Boots - Claudia Vegan Leather Boots this knee-high boot might be a winter boot look but if you’re into fashion there’s no excuses. The dress and the boot will give a complete package of your Dressy OOTD. This pair of boots are actually ultra-comfortable as it’s made of ultra-soft vegan Nappa leather.

Make Up:
• Edge of Reality Fully Recyclable Eye shadow Pallete
• Lock it Foundation
• Super Pomade Vegan Eyebrow Pigment
• Everlasting Lip Liner-Lolita

The items above are the perfect cosmetic forces to give out a winter make up look that matches the dressy outfit. First you want to get a base of your look that matches your pigment Lock it Foundation is one and only vegan that gives perfect full coverage, with just a droplet it goes a long way. It covers everything from blemishes even to tattoos. Second, To get the eye area done we would want to go first with the brows, the one pot brow powder Super Pomade Vegan Eyebrow Pigment vegan and extreme long-wear and waterproof, we sure want to get a bit natural “on fleek” using the taupe-cool ash brown color of this product . Third, Edge of Reality Fully Recyclable Eye shadow Palette a vegan eye shadow with 14 palette combined the ultra-pigmented matte and shimmer shades. For wintery look we would want to go first with few touches of one matte shade, “Immersion”, which is the light peach palette and finish it up with blending in two of the Shimmer colors the “Oculus” warm gold and “Dimensions “champagne these colors surely give a stunning and glow of your eyes and what else could make your eyes even more define without the eyeliner, Super Pomade Vegan Eyebrow is multi-purpose we would want to go with the Graphite-ultra-black color, this one is a perfect use to get that eye wing that enhances your eye shape. Lastly the lips, with the make-up that glows and perfectly enhance the beauty of your eyes lips should be on a natural side a bit peachy color and nude, Everlasting Lip Liner-Lolita if you want to be tricky with this, you might want to go full using the lip liner but of course you can just go on with enhancing your lip shape then a full cover of a nude pinkish lipstick.

Work Look:

Vegan Skirt: With working outfit nothing can go wrong with any tops if matched with a pencil skirt. The
Midi Skirt Elle Red will make anyone look stunning as it feels that the skirt itself embrace your figure that will make a perfect fit, aside from that , the item is one of all that’s fairly produced in the Netherlands and Bulgaria and the fabrics used are largely made from natural fibres like Tencel and (organic) cotton. Look great and feel great!

Wrap Top – Topped your pencil skirt with this Top Serenity Multiway White. This match will look gorgeous, bringing the boss vibe out of you 100% Organic Cotton, GOTS certified. Vegan and Stylish!
Heels – Noah Italian Vegan Shoes the Pumps Gloria – Red will meet the standards in addressing the outfit so well. The heels will lift one’s figure and be noticeable 100% Vegan. Stylish meets ethic.

Work bag –Of course you don’t want to go to work ruining your poise from carrying too much devices. The Miley-Tan Vegan Leather Laptop Bag 100% Vegan saffiano Eco-Pelle (TM) is ideal for the day of hustling. With this ultimate working bag it’s surely is a great piece of art of your way to work OOTD.

Make-up – Of course with a work outfit one must have a good professional make up look. In order to do that you must be creative in blending the natural look and in highlighting the best part of your facial feature the more you are emphasizing it the better. First application is foundation, Lock it foundation for long wear and waterproof base, Concealer the Good Apple Lightweight Full Coverage Concealer if need be the application is best for blemishes under the eyes. A good black or brown mascara, Mini Go or Go Home Long –Wear Vegan Volumizing Mascara Ornament a no ordinary mascara for this particular mascara will definitely volumize your lashes to a great beau and lastly a nude color lipstick Epic Kiss Nourishing Vegan Butter Lipstick going for its Lolita-Iconic chestnut rose shade.


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