"Celebrity vegan moms who are raising their kids’ vegan”

"Celebrity vegan moms who are raising their kids’ vegan”

Veganism is now a new mainstream lifestyle choice for countless people in the world. Turning or shifting on a healthy lifestyle is not an easy path for some how much more if you raise one. While others are secretly living in this cruelty-free life, a few celebrity vegan moms are well known for this healthy eating habit and are actively convincing public to this choice. But they all have one thing in common- they are providing the sprouting generations the healthiest lifestyle there is that includes a vegan lifestyle. Here are just a few of the many celebrity vegan moms who are making a difference:

Michelle Pfeiffer

This actress is not only a Vegan but also an avid Environmentalist. She has said that she became a Vegan for ethical reasons and because she doesn’t want her child to feel guilty about eating animals when he or she grows up.

Carrie Underwood

After being inspired from a friend the long time vegetarian turning vegan. The songstress shared the lifestyle to her kids. Since then, they are actively adopting the eating habit.


Gisele Bundchen

Gisele has been the functional mom and wife when it comes to choosing a healthy and incredibly-strict diet. Gisele has been so dedicated in giving essence of having a much healthier life. Thanks to her, as Gisele has become the top credit of Tom's better lifestyle, and since then, Gisele's two kids are also teaming up with it.


Alicia Silverstone

This celeb completely shift vegan in 1998. Not to mention PETA named her as the "Sexiest Vegetarian" in 2007. With the Vegan lifestyle, Alicia is proud to have shared with everyone how healthy his son, Bear, became following her footsteps.


Mayim Bialik

The actress has become more active in posting YouTube video content in living a vegan lifestyle. Being a witness with how great this lifestyle contributed to her. It's no wonder she's more on convincing in raising vegan children and that includes hers.


Emily Deschanel

The proud vegan mom shares the same eating lifestyle with her kids. More proudly as she wasn't having a hard time with it as she said they are totally into it. She said this kind of lifestyle is a great way in feeding them. Which is unarguably true.


Jennifer Lopez

Known for her killer moves and amazing physique. This performing songstress is thankful with her Vegan diet as she gets more loads of energy. She said about the more she's into eating greens the better she feels.


Ellen Pompeo

Known to be "Meredith" in Grey's Anatomy. After knowing the benefits one could get in a plant-base diet. Ellen decided to go completely Vegan and had her whole family adopted the lifestyle as she continued to live a cruelty-free life and invited friend for vegan meals.


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