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We maintain a personal connection with all our artisans through personal annual visits to their studios ensuring our high quality standards and ethical work conditions are maintained. As a part of our commitment to fair wages, we pay above average wages to our artisans which is further reflected in our pricing. No one and no being should pay the cost for our fashion, other than us.

Page 124- Vogue Magazine

Vogue India January 2018

September 2018

Cougar backpack was featured in Vogue magazine to present the GUNAS a vegan handbag brand.


Raised between Ludhiana and Pune, Sugandh G Agrawal founded Gunas in New York in 2009 after a nightmarish experience interning at a handbag label that specialized in exotic-skin handbags and shoes. It was after the vegetarian-turned-vegan came face-to-face with raw hide that she decided to start her own line of animal-friendly fashion. Now GUNAS is looking to launch in India.

Vogue Article

23 Vegan Bags, Shoes and Jackets for your fall Wish list

September 2018

Sustainability and ethical practices within the fashion.

Bazaar Magazine

Fashion Natural Choice

July-August 2018

Rotunda was featured in Bazaar magazine to present the GUNAS a vegan handbag brand.

Many significant and architectural landmarks are round in shape with domes. The Rotunda bag is named after the famous United States Capitol, Washington, Guggenheim museum and the Pantheon in Rome; all of which are round domed structures. This type of architecture represents the "authority of nature and power of reason". The Rotunda Bag is a symbol of important issues of our times such as Women's rights, Equality for all and Animal rights.