Animal welfare is the heart of our Vegan Brand. Here are some animal welfare groups and sanctuaries we support. We've donated significant dollars and product for fund raising or offer special discounts to members who support these charities. If you'd like to partner with us to offer a promotion to your members please get in touch with us. 



Gunas New York supports Loveland Farm Sanctuary
Jane Goodall Institute
Gunas New York supports Liberation Philly
Gunas New York supports Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary
Gunas supports Free The Slaves
Gunas New York supports Alive Rescue Memphis
Gunas new York donates to Texas veggie Fair
Gunas New York donates to Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary
Gunas supports Coalition for Healthy School Food
Gunas New York donates to Animal Equality
Gunas New York donates to charity
Knights for Animal Rights
Tails Humane Society
Gunas supports Heartwood Haven
Gunas supports NYCLASS