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Vegan Handbag For Women

Women's Vegan Handbag Collection

For many women around the world, it's practically impossible to leave the house without one of their favorite accessories: the handbag. Also known as a woman's purse, it is one of the first things other people notice about your outfit, and a good one will improve your overall style.

A handbag is more than just a fashion statement, though; it is an essential item used to carry important belongings such as your cell phone, money, and beauty products. For these reasons (and more), a lot of ladies consider handbags the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Types of Handbags for Women

The fact that handbags come in a myriad of brands, designs, and materials means that there's something for everyone. Whether you're into luxury designer bags, lean towards more casual styles, or have a very specific preference (like vegan Canadian purses, for example), you're bound to find something that suits your personal taste.

Here are some of the most popular styles that you're likely to come across during your search for your next favorite handbag.

  • Shoulder bag. Shoulder bag Usually flat & rectangular in shape with shoulder strap, this classic style was all the rage in the '90s but remains popular to this day.
  • Crossbody bag. Featuring a long strap that's worn across the body, designer crossbody bags leave your hands free to carry your groceries in one hand and check your Instagram feed in the other.
  • Backpack. Another hands-free option, the backpack is perfect for ladies who tend to bring a lot of stuff with them.
  • Tote bag. A combination of fashion and function, vegan tote bags are the ideal accessories for grocery trips and other errands.
  • Clutch. Usually spotted at date nights and formal occasions, vegan clutch bags hold your most important belongings while you're at a special event.
  • Satchel. Satchels feature a distinctive envelope flap and buckle fastening that never go out of style. They can be worn like a crossbody bag or carried like a briefcase.
  • Bucket bag. Named for their unique shape, bucket bags tend to have plenty of room for all your valuable possessions.
  • Top handle bag. Vintage-inspired yet fashion-forward, the top handle bag is a favorite of the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex and comes in different sizes.

Vegan Handbags: A Cruelty-Free Alternative

Many vegan handbag styles, especially luxury brand offerings, are typically made from leather. Though most commonly associated with cows, it can be derived from sheep, goats, horses, crocodiles, snakes, and other animals as well. A common misconception is that leather is a by-product of the meat industry. It's actually a co-product—farmers sell every part of an animal to maximize profit, and the skin accounts for roughly 10 percent of the animal's total value.

Not only does leather harm the animals, but it also hurts the environment and the workers who manufacture it, due to the toxic chemicals used in the production process. These chemicals pollute the water, soil, and air, and skin diseases and respiratory illnesses have been documented in international tannery workers.

Fortunately, one doesn't have to sacrifice fashion or luxury and resort to using potato sacks in order to avoid the cruelty and environmental impact of leather. You can go for faux leather bags instead—the good news is, today's conscious consumers have a broad array of ethical and sustainable options to choose from!

Our vegan handbags can really bring together a look while enabling you to live by your values. A wide price range across various brands also means that you can easily find a bag that matches both your personal style and budget.

But First, What Is Vegan Leather?

Unlike leather bags, vegan handbags do not make use of any animal products. Our handbags are made from vegan leather (also known as faux leather), and you can expect them to look and function just as well, if not better, than their traditional leather counterparts.

Various non-animal materials are used to make vegan leather, also known as faux leather. The most common is polyurethane, but many innovative vegan leather materials have popped up in recent years, including:

  • Apples. Discarded cores and peels from apple juice production are used to make apple leather.
  • Cartina. The first and only fabric in the world made from recycled paper to be used as a substitute for traditional leather.
  • Piñatex. Created from pineapple leaves, a byproduct of harvesting the fruit.
  • Grapes. Made from wine production waste such as skins, seeds, and stalks, grape leather was featured in an electric concept vehicle for the 100th anniversary of luxury car brand Bentley.
  • Cork. Harvested from the outer bark of cork trees that naturally grow back.
  • Mushrooms. Mushroom caps and mycelium (the rootlike structure) are used to create an ethical, vegan material.
  • Coffee. Made from coffee beans, plants, and recycled grounds, coffee leather even smells like coffee.
  • MulbTex. MulbTex is another new vegan material, created from the paper pulp of mulberry tree leaves. New York-based fashion brand GUNAS currently holds exclusive rights to MulbTex in the US and has a collection of handbags created with this material.

5 Vegan Handbags for Every Occasion

Compassionate consumers, rejoice! The search for your next handbag (vegan, of course) is over. We've rounded up six beautiful, cruelty-free accessories from high fashion label GUNAS New York, proving that "ethical" and "luxury" can belong in the same sentence.

However, these two words best describe GUNAS's handbags: vegan AF. Since its founding in 2009, the PETA-approved brand has been guided by the ethos that animals are not meant to be a part of fashion. Today, GUNAS has customers in over 40 countries---and with gorgeous vegan handbags that are award-winning and sweatshop-free, it's easy to see why.

  1. Cottontail PE. Whoever said vegan bags can't be cute clearly hasn't seen the Cottontail PE yet. This bag is just as adorable as its furry namesake, making it the perfect companion to vegan afternoon tea with your girlfriends.
  2. Madison PE. If you're just starting your collection of luxury vegan handbags, then you can't go wrong with the Madison PE. With a classic silhouette, this timeless beauty is set to be a staple in your closet.
  3. Maisie. The Maisie is for the lady who's always on the go. This chic purse can be worn in five different ways: on your waist, across your chest, on your wrist, over your shoulder, and in your hand. What a steal!
  4. Miley. Luxury handbags can be great work bags too--just look at the Miley. Named after the outspoken vegan singer, it can hold your laptop and other essentials without any problem.
  5. Cougar Quilted. For a day of exploration in the city, the Cougar Quilted backpack is your best bet. There's enough room for your camera, water bottle, and other stuff, so you can carry everything you need in style.

In case you decide to change your mind about your purchase, GUNAS allows for easy returns and exchanges on both domestic and international orders of our bags. A dedicated customer service team is available Mondays through Fridays, 10 AM-5 PM. Please visit the Return/Exchange page for more information.

Vegan Styles in the Limelight

Celebrities love their vegan handbags too! Alicia Silverstone, Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, and Eva Longoria have all been spotted carrying faux leather purses. Vegan handbags have also been featured in numerous fashion magazines and websites such as Vogue and Livekindly. Our very own Cottontail PE top handle bag has appeared in the Netflix television series A Series of Unfortunate Events.

So grab your own beautiful, Cruelty Free, Sweatshop Free GUNAS Bag Now!
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