Your Vegan Lookbook | Handbag Styles for your #GunasGirl Bag

Your Vegan Lookbook | Handbag Styles for your #GunasGirl Bag

A stunning handbag can elevate the look of even the simplest of outfits. Matching your handbag with your shoes is passé. Women today love to experiment with the way they dress and happily invent different styles, latest or not, that match their personality and poise. We know Instagram is everyone’s daily dose of awesome styles and voguish fashion, we also know it becomes challenging to browse styling options when your preferred choice is vegan. This is why we have brought some vegan handbag styles that let you get creative with your Gunas girl bags. All these styling options will tell you how to match a handbag with your outfit. Gunas girl bags help you style fabulous and exciting looks and are spacious and classic enough to stay in your closet for a long time, indirectly helping you contribute to ethical and sustainable living. Let us list a few ways to wear a crossbody bag, a handbag, a clutch, or a satchel in 2021. Before that, let us establish the fact that Gunas bags are versatile.

Yes, Gunas bags are versatile...

Gunas is America’s first 100% vegan luxury handbag brand manufacturing vegan bags for women and men since 2009. Gunas has promoted the idea of ethical fashion and sustainable living since its inception. The founder and her team often find themselves on a journey to explore 100% eco-friendly materials to manufacture vegan handbags to reduce the impact on the environment, animals, and humans.

It is the result of their efforts that Gunas bags are

  • Made with 100% vegan and sustainable materials, adding to sustainable living.
  • Stylish enough to create fabulous and desirable looks with the Cottontail Bag.
  • Practical enough to use in everyday life, like the satchels that come in handy with a handbag when you need to carry your necessities.
  • Compact yet spacious and stylish enough to create dramatic looks with a fanny pack or a crossbody bag.
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and spacious enough to carry to your work with a laptop bag or a backpack.

Gunas bags are manufactured with high-quality vegan leather and other sustainable materials, making them last longer in your closet. Different handbag styles and looks you can create with these bags makes them versatile and highly functional. Our Gunas Girl bags are our way of promoting conscious and mindful consumerism that significantly impacts the environment and animal welfare.

Here are a few handbag styles with vegan bags for women.

We have seen many of our customers create interesting and fabulous looks with their vegan designer bags in the USA and other countries. Let us pull together the internet and Instagram in one place and detail how to match handbags with your outfit.

But, here are a few tips before that.

  • Styles and trends would come and go, your own style that you always feel comfortable and stylish in, should always stay because you are you, undefined by anyone or any trend.
  • Always be ready to experiment with your looks. You can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want. Just be happy in doing what you do with your looks. Gunas has a bag to match every outfit.
  • Be a proud vegan. Of course, you understand the carbon footprint the fashion industry leaves on the environment. That’s the reason you started supporting vegan, right? Be proud of owning everything vegan and flaunt it with your best looks.

Here are some looks we suggest with our vegan bags for women.

  • Vegan Leather Handbag. Our vegan leather handbags are highly spacious, beautiful, and comfortable to carry. You can wear a handbag on the shoulders for a hands-free moment or by the elbows for poise. Our cute-looking vegan handbags can transform even the most simple jeans and T-shirt look.
  • You can go for a top with jeans, a sexy stiletto, and you are good to flaunt our vegan handbag like this girl in the picture below.

 designer handbag

Image Source - Pinterest

  • A pretty knee-length dress, a scarf, and long boots to go with; this is a perfect pairing for a handbag. See the image below.

 vegan handbag

Image Source - via pinterest

  • Wear our vegan handbag with a pencil skirt or a pencil dress and heels, and throw on one of your best yet simple looks like Miranda Kerr in the picture below.

 vegan leather handbag

Image Source - via pinterest

  • A trenchcoat or a faux fur coat would match gracefully with this bag in winters. Plus, how we wish everything you wear is made with sustainable material.

For more inspiration, check out one of our customers flaunting our cottontail bag.

 cottontail bag

Image source -

  • Vegan Leather Tote Bag. Tote bags are the latest trend people have fallen in love with because they are super spacious, stylish, and highly functional. Like a perfect tote, our vegan leather tote bags come with a minimalist look with clean lines and a perfect design. A great bag to use casually and for carrying to work on a day-to-day basis because of the ease of usability, ease of carrying, and the extra space that allows to keep every basic necessity you might have.
  • Coat with skinny pants along with matching loafers is a perfect attire to wear your tote bag with. See the girl in the image below.

Tote bags

Image Source - via Pinterest

  • If this isn’t a perfect look to flaunt a tote bag, we don’t know what is. A cute-looking sweater with a beanie, cuffed trousers, and pumps.

vegan tote bags

Image Source -

Here’s some more inspiration on styling our vegan leather tote bags.

 vegan leather tote bags

Image Source - with our Naomi Tote Bag

Here’s Heidi Klum with our Naomi vegan leather tote bag for some style inspiration.

 vegan leather tote bags usa

Image Source -

  • Here’s how to wear a crossbody bag in 2021. Gunas’ vegan leather crossbody bags are comfortable to carry hands-free, spacious yet compact, and stylish enough that you would want to flaunt them as soon as you have one. Our cruelty-free vegan crossbody bags are made for men and women as per their individual and practical needs. You can experiment with your looks using our crossbody bags to come up with the most dramatic look or the most subtle look. You can either choose to wear it crossways or one-sided over the shoulders. A vegan crossbody bag with guitar strap or rebel strap looks chic and works well with every casual look. Here are some looks you can give a shot with a vegan crossbody bag from Gunas.
  • How about a mini dress with knee-high boots? It looks fabulous, while the graceful crossbody bag completes the look.

crossbody bags

Image Source -

  • Light wash jeans with a white tee is a classic look that no one fails with. Style this casual look with sneakers and our CHLOE or EMILY crossbody bag to complete your look.

vegan crossbody bags

Image -

  • Get a boho look with a floral maxi dress, gladiator heels, and a chic crossbody bag to finish this simple yet classy look. This look works best for an afternoon get-together with friends or for a shopping spree.

 vegan leather crossbody bags

Image - for Pinterest

Here’s some more inspiration to style your vegan crossbody bag.

 vegan leather crossbody bags usa

Image Source -

A great quality vegan bag is not only stylish and comfortable to wear but is a way to promote conscious consumerism by staying intact for years. We hope these looks inspired you to try them with your luxury vegan bag. Make sure you always go for vegan clothing and accessories to add your bit to the planet and in protecting the wildlife. While these different styles add a ‘wow’ factor to every look, you make sure to still play with your personal looks to match with your style.


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