What do our beloved customers think about vegan fashion?

What do our beloved customers think about vegan fashion?

We all have a shared interest in the well-being and health of the creatures and people around us, as well as the planet we call home and future generations. It's a type of default option. What we sometimes lack is the ability to distinguish between the good and the terrible. 

We unwittingly or unconsciously sacrifice ethics for comfort and greater style somewhere down the way. Fashion, on the other hand, does not have to be harsh. Fashion must be a force for good, for optimism, and all people's collective progress. That's where vegan and environmentally friendly clothes come into play. 

Some issues need to be addressed in the fashion business as a whole. With fast-fashion stores and throwaway wardrobes more popular than ever, it's apparent that a lot has to change if we want to build a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world in the future. But, luckily, at GUNAS, we've made it our aim to deliver attractive items to the globe in the most ecologically friendly way possible. 

What Exactly Is Vegan Fashion? 

To begin with, the term vegan refers to someone who does not eat or use any animal products. Now, we're not asking you to alter your diet unless you want to, drastically! Making the switch to vegan fashion entails refusing to buy any apparel produced with animal products. It's simple to spot apparel produced from animal products if it's something apparent like a leather jacket, but this isn't always the case. Avoid popular materials like fur, silk, wool, cashmere, suede, and many more to ensure that you're a mindful shopper. 

Animal ingredients might be difficult to identify in clothing, so do your homework, check the label, and know the difference between vegan and non-vegan textiles before you go shopping. 

Why Is It So Popular? 

As the globe attempts to battle pollution, animal cruelty, and more sustainable products to minimize carbon footprints, many businesses are moving to vegan materials and components. Long-established luxury companies have made significant and motivating modifications to their repertoire by substituting vegan materials for animal products in their collections. Some companies are transitioning to 100% vegan-friendly products, while others are gradually adding vegan products and collections. Many new businesses are starting up fully vegan, employing only vegan and environmentally friendly ingredients in their production. 

Vegan fashion is no longer just a fad; it has merged into the category of the "new normal." There's more to it than meets the eye, so let's take a closer look at why vegan fashion is becoming more popular. 

What are the reasons behind the rise in popularity of vegan fashion brands?

Vegan fashion businesses are attempting to inspire significant change in the way the world conducts business and makes things, as the globe has suffered from centuries of pollution, bad working conditions, sweat factories, and other unethical activities. No one has the power to change everything, but everyone has the power to change something. Purchasing a vegan product helps your money and the environment and contributes to the cause of a more ethical and sustainable fashion business. 

There are several reasons why you should wear vegan clothing. Vegan clothes should always be emphasized, whether it's due to the negative environmental impacts, the brutal treatment of animals, or the absence of ethics in fast fashion. Clothing manufactured from animal exploitation implies that your purchase supports industrial fashion firms who ignore their obligation to care for the environment and animals for the sake of fashion. 

Awareness of the Public

Vegan fashion is typically inexpensive. Vegan fashion is a result of people's concern for animal welfare. Vegan fashion will prevent the business from buying materials from farms that utilize less-than-ethical breeding and growing practices. Because this generation is more outspoken about their desires and needs, many expect responsibility from the companies they buy and wear religiously. There is no other option except to obey the will of the customers: Change. 

What Not To Do 

Animals are treated unfairly and cruelly during the manufacture of apparel and cosmetic goods, according to the vegan fashion market. Animals die at the hands of individuals trying to create specific materials in some situations, and part of living a vegan lifestyle understands what to avoid. Leather, wool, suede, cashmere, silk, and other animal-derived materials should all be avoided if you want to be as cruelty-free as possible. However, this does not imply that you must entirely abandon them. Many businesses and brands are increasingly embracing the vegan movement and providing vegan alternatives to these products. Their environmental impact, on the other hand, is being questioned. 

GUNAS: The most popular vegan fashion brand

Sugandh G Agrawal, who grew up in Ludhiana and Pune, established GUNAS in New York in 2009 after an eye-opening internship at a handbag business that specialized in exotic-skin handbags and shoes. When the vegetarian-turned-vegan came face to face with raw hide, she decided to launch her own brand of animal-friendly clothing. GUNAS is now aiming to expand into India. 

The business specializes in spotting new trends and has garnered a millennial audience seeking ethical, sustainable, and compassionate design without sacrificing style or quality. The firm has a rising social media following and a large consumer base in over 40 countries. 

Gaining Popularity 

GUNAS offers a bag for every mood and way of living. GUNAS is pleased to be the first vegan and fashionable handbag company in the United States. Animal by-products are completely absent from GUNAS bags. No silk, no fur, no wool, no down feathers, and certainly no leather! For linings, we utilize coated canvases, nylons, eco-polyurethane, ultra-leather, ultra-suede, and up-cycled polyester, among others. 

Animal by-products are completely absent from GUNAS bags.

GUNAS does not develop seasonal collections, in keeping with our view that overproduction and overconsumption are the primary causes of our planet's demise. We will occasionally introduce new designs to normal collections, contradicting major fashion firms' business models. We think that companies and consumers share an equal duty to preserve a clutter-free society afflicted by the present trend of overconsumption and exploitation of natural resources. 

GUNAS uses Mulbtex, which is a mulberry tree leaf paper pulp. From Mulberry leaf pulp, we were able to procure a lovely, local, authentic Korean material for our project. MULBTEX (TM) is the name we give it. A hundred per cent of Mulbtex is plastic-free. Waterproof, weatherproof and as strong as silk, it is made from a cotton base coated with mulberry leaf pulp, which has its own silky lustre. 

At GUNAS, we believe that simply being a vegan fashion brand isn't enough. We are just as concerned about the environment as we are about people. 

In conclusion, vegan fashion has not yet achieved mainstream status, although it is making progress. Some of the most well-known, high-end manufacturers are concentrating on creating clothing without the use of genuine fur, silk, wool, and other materials. It's simple to predict that vegan fashion will overtake the whole fashion business at some point. 

Vegan fashion appears to be here to stay, owing to the growing popularity of veganism throughout the world. It should come as no surprise that it is expanding because the vegan lifestyle is based on the notion that wildlife is just as important as humans. As new creative skills emerge from obscurity to provide fashion alternatives, sustainable fashion that employs exclusively plant-based materials is spreading. They genuinely give Vegans this fantastic option; believe it or not, you may now proudly wear it as well! 

All in all, GUNAS is taking essential efforts to improve the fashion industry. We don't believe you should have to forgo being environmentally conscious in order to create beautiful, contemporary, and game-changing items. It turns out that being a vegan fashionista doesn't have to be difficult! Never give up your personal style or convictions. So glad you're having a good time shopping!  

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