#GUNASGIRL: Taylor Miller

GUNASGIRL Taylor Miller

Meet our All-Star GUNASGIRL Taylor Miller. She’s not only highly involved in the animal rights movement but also wholeheartedly loves and supports vegan businesses and carries forward her ethics in every area of her life; be it food, fashion, travel or beauty! She’s the true muse of our brand. A real life fashionista with a pure heart full of love for the animals and the environment. We had such a great time getting to know this very special customer of ours and sharing her story on our platform. Learn more about this beautiful soul from Florida below. She’s a proud owner of over 15 GUNAS luxury vegan handbags

When did you go vegan?

I went vegan two and a half years ago after seeing undercover footage of dairy and egg farms. I had no idea how closely intertwined the dairy and meat industries are, and that male chicks are ground up alive in the egg industry.

Were you a vegetarian before vegan?

Yes. I was a vegetarian for six years before going vegan. If I had known about the dairy and egg industries, I would’ve gone vegan much sooner. 

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What was the transition like for you?

The transition was for the most part smooth. Eggs and almost all dairy was easy to leave behind, I found substitutes that I liked. Cheese was the most difficult for sure, I had a few relapses with that and it took me a while to find vegan cheeses that I actually enjoyed.

What is being vegan like where you live?

It’s definitely easier now than it was even a year ago, or even when I was a vegetarian. There’s a few vegan restaurants, and a lot of places have a vegan option or two, but many restaurants only have a house salad. 

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Do you have any companion animals?

My potbelly pig, Penelope, I rescued from a girl when she was a few weeks old. I always wanted a pet pig, but didn’t anticipate getting one when I did. The girl had them advertised online and I started chatting with her. When I inquired what would happen to any piglets she didn’t find homes for, she told me auction. I couldn’t let that happen, so I told her I would take her last piglet. I didn’t know much about pigs, but thanks to online websites and multiple pig groups on Facebook, I quickly learned! Pigs make fantastic pets, but require patience, commitment, and training. Over 90% of pig are re-homed before their first birthday. A lot of people get pigs or receive them as gifts and don’t know the amount of work and patience it takes to have them in their family. They also don’t know the realistic sizes pigs will grow to be. They see pictures of very young piglets or underfed pigs and think they’ll stay that small, so that’s also a major contributor to the rehoming rate. Penelope is potty trained to go outside, and she lets me know when she has to go by standing by the glass sliders and continuously oinking. She is also crate trained, for when I’m not home for long periods during the day, or when she wants to sleep in there at night. It is her safe place as well, she loves taking treats in there, or sneaking objects in there when she thinks I’m not looking. Most of the time she sleeps in my bed with me. She will jump up on the side of my bed and wait for me to lift her up into bed when she’s ready to go to sleep. Penelope is harness and leash trained as well. She responds to multiple names when called, she knows sit, come, and hurry up. She will sit without being asked when she smells food, and loves hanging out in the kitchen whenever something is being prepared. I have started taking her out with me to do public vegan outreach, and I get to educate the public on pigs at the same time. She’s been a joy to have and is an ambassador for her species, she’s changed many minds about eating pigs, and about pigs in general. 

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Favorite vegan…

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How did you first discover GUNAS?

I first discovered GUNAS Instagram explore page, and have been in love ever since! I have a lot of GUNAS products – Madison bag in black and tan, Madison PE in black, grey, and tan. CHER tote in black and pink, TIPPI tote in pink and grey, Uptown wallet in gold, tan, and black, About Last Night in red, Rotunda in tan, Cottontail in raspberry and blue, Flamingo in mint, Pelican in gold, Naomi in black, tan, and grey, Swan flats in black, Hermit in gray and black, Kangaroo saffiano in grey and black, farm charm, and freedom scarf. My favorite is the Madison. It’s my everyday bag and I reach for it the most. 

I love styling maxi dresses with either the TIPPI or CHER totes, athleisure with Naomi and Pelican, capris and a jean jacket with Rotunda and pant suits or pencil skirts with Hermit and Flamingo. 

In my Gunas bag right now: Brush, hair perfume, phone, keys, lip glosses and balms, wallet, peppermint essential oil, pen, headphones, stasher bag. 


How would fellow #GUNASGIRLS describe you? 
Compassionate, passionate, amiable, exuberant, generous.

People can find out more about me/follow me on my IG @thepeachypig

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