Get to know: Sugandh G Agrawal

Get to know: Sugandh G Agrawal

There are so many animal-friendly alternatives to select from, whether you're looking for a beautiful vegan purse, cruelty-free faux-leather shoes, or ethical and chic coats, dresses, and jewelry. 

In addition to eating a plant-based diet, living a genuinely compassionate lifestyle also includes the clothing we wear. Fortunately, it is now simpler than ever to acquire and use ethical, sustainable, and vegan products.  

Why is veganism so popular?

'Veganism' has swept the globe by storm, not just in the much-discussed food sector but also in the realms of fashion, signifying the emergence of the conscientious consumer. Although the media has made a joke of vegan eating habits, transferring that notion into the fashion industry is more than simply a fad to win acceptability among peers. 

Vegan fashion is defined as clothes and accessories derived from cruelty-free sources, which means that no animals were hurt during the manufacturing or testing process. It is worth to keep in mind that, although catering to a niche clientele, this sector is being welcomed with open arms in industrialized countries where market growth is skyrocketing. 

Vegan fashion does not generally conjure up thoughts of fashion Divas strolling their dogs in Paris, dancing in New York nightclubs, or clicking their heels across Dubai malls. However, that luxurious purse or those fashionable shoes you want might very well be cruelty-free. 

Today's most luxury vegan products are more beautifully crafted than anything ever before. Not only that, but they're also employing noble materials that are considerably more eco-friendly than previous vegan leathers,' which were essentially a kind of plastic. 

GUNAS is a premium lifestyle brand that is unique, approachable, and distinguished by its forward-thinking approach to fashion. It represents the style and attitude of someone who loves fashion and cares deeply about how their valuable possessions are created. GUNAS is the ultimate emblem and pioneer of high fashion combined with sustainability for luxury-obsessed individuals. Every collection is bold and edgy, making a statement for individuals looking to stand out in a crowd. Our bags are manufactured by socially responsible manufacturers all around the world. We are firm believers in mindful consumption and exclusivity. As a result, the majority of our bags are made as Limited Editions, exclusively. We take great pleasure in exemplifying Eco-Veganism and encouraging Ethical Consumption via Fashion. 

Who is the mastermind behind GUNAS?

GUNAS is a cause-driven independent high fashion label. Sugandh Agrawal, an award-winning industrial product designer who left a seven-year corporate job to launch her own cruelty-free fashion label, launched it in 2009. The business employs the artisans and small-scale ethical producers, and offers a diverse selection of vegan bags such as totes, satchels, cross-bodies, wallets, and backpacks. 

Mulbtex, the brand's principal material, is an excellent alternative to both animal leather and plastic. It is constructed of a cotton foundation covered with mulberry leaf pulp, which has its silky luster and is as water-resistant, weather-proof, and strong as silk. 

Sugandh G. Agrawal has shown that veganism can encompass more than simply the food on your plate, elevating sustainability to new heights. This brand is dedicated to teaching people about how veganism is more than simply a diet, and they use high-quality ethical methods to create their fashionable products. 

Know about our Vegan Fashion designer: Sugandh Agrawal

Sugandh G. Agrawal, a former industrial designer at KitchenAid who wanted to establish her own line of cruelty-free fashion in New York, founded the award-winning vegan handbag company GUNAS New York in 2009. Her goal is quite clear- animals have no place in the world of high fashion. 

She is one of the most well-known names in Vegan Fashion Designers, but she is also a lifelong vegetarian and an outspoken advocate for animal rights. She was born in India, raised in Germany and the United States when she was a teenager. Agrawal's worldwide experience is represented in her exquisite lines of luxury vegan handbags, handcrafted in South Korea in sweatshop-free facilities. 

Since then, she's built GUNAS New York into a genuine fashion big success, one that's been recognized by the industry for the better part of a decade. Additionally, Sugandh's work has been included in a number of renowned publications in the fashion and activism fields, including textbooks, TV shows, and podcasts. 

This mission-driven entrepreneur worked as a lead industrial designer for Whirlpool and KitchenAid in Michigan before moving to New York to pursue design management at the famous Pratt Institute. Agrawal utilized her marketing and design abilities to create GUNAS, America's first high-fashion Cruelty Free Designer Brands, after honing her industry experience at Be&D Handbags and Victoria's Secret. Agrawal gets inspiration from nature and other cultures, and she has a talent for recognizing future trends in order to keep GUNAS contemporary, ethical, and environmentally responsible. 

Sugandh G. Agrawal promotes ecological and design excellence equally, demonstrating that sustainability can be seductive and fashion does not have to be sacrificed for compassion. 



We don't believe in trade-offs. We don't take any shortcuts. We are the no-sacrifice fashion company, delivering ethical and approachable high-fashion designs to all women. 

Every GUNAS bag is handcrafted using only the finest non-animal materials. Our aesthetic is one of timeless elegance, carrying on the traditions of the world's most recognized fashion companies while incorporating innovation and a forward-thinking objective. Colorful minimalistic eco-friendly vegan bags and accessories produced from recycled and organic materials to encourage sustainability. Fashionable products of GUNAS are beneficial for the environment. Still, the firm also maintains high ethics and only works with manufacturers that meet or surpass the requirement and use recycled materials for packaging or moving goods. 

Sugandh Agrawal thinks that personal style should not be sacrificed for personal beliefs.

GUNAS is a PETA-approved vegan leather business that creates high-quality vegan leather purses, crossbody bags, tote bags, and other accessories. We have just begun producing vegan leather shoes as well as vegan clean beauty items.  

There are no animal components or animal-derived substances in our goods. Mulbtex, a 100 per cent eco-friendly material produced from mulberry plant leaves, is exclusive to us, making us the first and only vegan handbag company in the United States. All of our products are produced ethically and without the use of sweatshops. 

Our vegan handbags are supported by celebrities that promote vegetarianism and have been in Netflix programs. We have also collaborated with many animal-welfare and rescue groups to raise awareness about animal care. We believe that, one day, our efforts will bear fruit, and that, instead of utilizing animal leather, every buyer will choose vegan leather goods. 

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Treat yourself, don't harm animals, and know that you'll only need to buy these luxury items once. 

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