Are vegan skincare products a gimmick? Let us help you out

Are vegan skincare products a gimmick? Let us help you out

If you've suddenly come across the term "vegan" on a skincare label and wondered to yourself, "Huh?" I can see why you're perplexed. It's not like eye creams made of pork or masks made of ground beef (um, thankfully). Is it truly important to have animal-free labeling, or is "vegan" only a marketing term to capitalize on the plant-based movement? 

It's a mix of the two. For starters, even if your products don't contain any actual meat, some skincare ingredients do come from animals, so they aren't vegan. 

That isn't to say that non-vegan skin care is always terrible. And, to make matters even more confusing, vegan skin care isn't necessarily virtuous. After all, depending on your reasons for being vegan, you'd want to think about whether items are tested on animals and how plant-based ingredients impact the environment, wouldn't you? 


What Does a Vegan Skincare Routine Entail?

Before we get into the advantages, it's important to understand what a vegan skincare routine entail. Vegan skincare refers to using only plant-based products on your skin, as the name implies. There are no artificial additives in these items. As a result, they are all-natural and plant-based. It's worth noting that vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic products are frequently mixed, but there's a significant distinction between the two. 

Cruelty-free skincare is defined as skincare that has not been tested on animals. This indicates that some of the substances may be synthetic or animal-derived, despite promoting animal welfare. Beeswax and lanolin, for example, are commonly found in the majority. As a result, don't get the terms "cruelty-free" and "vegan" mixed up. Make sure you double-check the ingredients. 

Vegan skincare, on the other hand, is cruelty-free and completely natural. As a result, you get the added benefit of helping animals while also avoiding the harsh chemicals found in conventional beauty products. 

If you've made a move to vegan beauty, you've chosen to support a wonderful cause while also ensuring that you're using products that are both healthier and safer for your skin. If you're still not convinced, I'm sure the following arguments will suffice. 


Here Are A Couple Of Important Benefits Of Cruelty-Free And Vegan Skincare Products:

  • Skin Advantages

    It is better for delicate skin and is suitable for all skin types. 

    Animal experimentation is not used in cruelty-free and vegan skincare products. They typically feature natural and organic substances that are soft on the skin rather than harsh artificial chemicals, found in commercial skincare products. 

    Quality control and source purity can be difficult to establish for businesses that employ animal-derived substances, and several possible health hazards might occur. Brands that employ animal-derived products, for example, must review all supply data to confirm non-BSE exposed sources of animal-derived collagen used in many famous skincare brands – something that isn't always practicable because sources are frequently blended or change based on availability. 


Anti-aging features that work 

The greatest anti-aging skincare ingredients are clean and natural vegan skin care ingredients. Natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts can assist in renewing the skin and give it a healthy glow! 

  • Environmental Advantages

Because of the nature of plant-based components like aloe vera, tea tree, and jojoba oil, vegan beauty products are frequently sustainably sourced. You invest in and support sustainable farming, manufacturing, and the broader supply chain by transitioning to a vegan beauty routine. 

Vegan skincare products' packaging, such as shampoo and conditioner bars, tends to be minimal waste, refillable, or even waste-free, which is a tremendous environmental benefit. 

Year after year, tons of waste end up in our environment and landfills, so purchasing products that help decrease this waste is a step toward a healthy planet. 

  • Advantages of Wellbeing

Being conscious of a product's composition or packaging materials can help you shop more consciously. Slower, more attentive shopping can benefit your general health and well-being, as it embraces the concept of holistic living. 

Holistic living acknowledges that our mind, body, and surroundings are all intertwined, viewing them as a whole rather than distinct entities and actions that involve all three in order to create total happiness. 

You might become more cautious when shopping and picking things, for example. Being more emotionally aware of a product's contents or procedures, such as questioning if it was tested on animals or contains animal products unnecessarily, can lead to more thoughtful purchasing. 

  • Ethical Advantages

Switching to a vegan beauty routine has various ethical benefits, such as choosing products that are not tested on animals and ingredients that have been ethically farmed with both the environment and farmers in mind. 

When buying something, make sure it's both vegan and cruelty-free. Vegan means it doesn't contain animal products like lanolin, and cruelty-free means it hasn't been tested on animals before it reaches the market. 

These are just a few of the numerous advantages of adopting a vegan lifestyle, but they will undoubtedly improve your health, skin, environment, and the lives of animals. 


Why GUNAS And Why Vegan Skin Care?

The fundamental difference between GUNAS and other brands is the safe, effective, non-irritating, clean components and pure formulas. 

GUNAS is able to ensure the absolute purity and safety of all of our ingredients and formulas by employing exclusively vegan ingredients. It will benefit both your skin and your conscience! 


Misconception on Vegan Skincare Products

There are several misunderstandings about vegan products, one of the most common beings that they are costly. People believe that because they are all-natural and environmentally friendly, their prices will skyrocket. However, while they may not be as inexpensive as traditional animal products, they are extremely cost-effective. Furthermore, when you consider the vast list of enormous benefits you will receive, they provide excellent value for your money. 

Making the switch to vegan cosmetics is like introducing some optimism into your beauty routine. You are helping animals and the environment while also taking care of your skin. This will undoubtedly lead to a brighter future. 

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