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Veganism is in all actualities a journey of self-discovery. It is far beyond just our dietary choices. One would question what veganism and fashion have in common. Being a pioneer and the first American vegan handbag brand, we certainly have a lot to say about that.

 Many people transition from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet and slowly discover that animal by products have really made their way into our lives through so many channels. It’s not just what we put “in” our bodies, what also what we put “on” our bodies. From clothing, accessories to beauty products animals have sadly become a big part of these industries. Whether their by products are used for the products itself or for product testing, animal cruelty spreads far beyond just food.

Fortunately in the last decade veganism has been on the rise and we have seen several companies sprouting up globally. They are on a mission to combat this inhumane treatment of animals and help curb their abuse and over use for our daily commodities. Here is a list of our favorite brands that are doing their bit to create beautiful alternatives that are not only fashionable but also in line with our shopper’s values of kindness and ethics.


vegan apparel

1. Delikate Rayne 2. Umasan 3. Stella McCartney 4. Vaute Couture 5. SkunkFunk 


vegan handbags

1. GUNAS New York 2. Angela Roi 3. Freedom of Animals 4. Matt & Nat 5. Jill Milan 


vegan footwear


1. Beyond Skin 2. Cri De Coeur 3. FAIR 4. Melissa 5. Wills London 6. Bandolino 

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